Where only the best are hired!

Why work with Cumulus Systems?
  • You will work in a product based profitable company, that is owned by Hitachi Systems
  • Get an opportunity to gain experience in proprietary patented No-SQL database, Cloud Computing and Distributed Computing
  • Culture and Values:
    • Sincere and fair business practices that will ensure safe and high quality products and services
    • Environmental Protection that will actively develop environmentally conscious products and services that will help prevent global warming, cyclical use of resources and preservation of ecosystems
    • Disclosure of Information to all our stakeholders for information required by them in a timely and appropriate manner
    • Respect of Human Rights of an individual at work place and not engage in acts that impair ual's dignity on basis of age, gender, caste, religion
  • Training: We provide trainings to our employees as per their needs to extend their capabilities. Such trainings are arranged in the office itself or our employees get to travel abroad too!
  • Work Environment: We believe in fun at work! We celebrate major festivals through employee engagement activities and have table tennis and carrom facilities in the office. We also have active groups of football and trekking lovers who keep their hobbies alive! And we also care for the health of our employees and have regular health awareness programs.
  • Code Marathon Competition: This is an annual sprint like team event that goes for 24 hours and excites our employees to get amazing prizes!
  • Corporate Citizenship: We have been doing donations to several organizations like Ekalavya Nyasa, Apala Ghar, Sparsh Balgram, etc.
Opportunities at Cumulus

Some of the jobs offered by our company are as below


Development Team:

  • Software Engineer / Senior Software Engineer
  • Build Engineer
  • Team Lead
  • Project Manager

QA Team:

  • QA Engineer
  • Lead QA Engineer

Support Team:

  • Application Engineer
  • Lead Application Engineer