Hitachi DCA

Hitachi Data Center Analytics (DCA) delivers a high-performance analytics engine backed by a highly scalable data repository. This helps easily identify data center performance trends and properly optimize application and storage system performance.

Hitachi DCA is offered as part of Hitachi’s Performance Analytics software package. This package reports across a multi-vendor storage environment, optimizes both performance and capacity use and rapidly troubleshoots performance bottlenecks across the IT infrastructure. This helps meet required Service Level Agreements for mission-critical business applications.

Hitachi DCAis OEM’ed by Hitachi Data Systems and is powered by the MARS platform from Cumulus Systems.

Trend Analysis

At the core of HDCA is an efficient key-value data repository and analytics engine that provides the foundation to conduct historical performance trend analysis across an infrastructure spanning many years. You can define performance baselines to track and compare historical with current storage performance to quickly identify performance bottlenecks. This analysis can be further leveraged to appropriately plan for future capacity and performance requirements or to determine if a future capacity expansion is necessary.




Hitachi DCA monitors key performance indicators for one or more data center resources such as Storage Systems, Switches, Host server, Virtual Machine, etc. or a combination thereof. Furthermore, alert conditions can be defined on these KPIs which will be triggered when any of these conditions are met. The user is alerted when certain Service Level Objective has been missed. This helps with identifying applications at risk and facilitates isolating problem areas when service levels are not met.

Multi-Vendor Support

With support for Hitachi, EMC, NetApp and IBM storage systems, Hitachi Data Center Analytics enables the establishment of a common storage analytics reporting solution for your heterogeneous storage environment. This capability to support multi-vendor storage systems eliminates the need to use vendor-specific monitoring tools for performance management and reporting. Storage analytics can be conducted across a multivendor storage environment, independently. Because of this HDCA can identify actual performance problems instead of trying to juggle different vendor-specific performance reports or terms.



Optimize Application Performance

Hitachi DCA provides end-to-end performance monitoring essential to optimize all elements on the application server’s data path by monitoring the entire stack from application and server to physical and logical storage resources. It enables in-depth analysis by reporting detailed performance, capacity and operational metrics.

Performance Troubleshooting

Performance issues are often related to recent configuration changes or to shared resources that become overtaxed or in contention. HDCA provides the correlation required to determine all related and dependent resources that can be affecting the bottleneck so these dependent resources can be further drilled down and investigated.



Business Benefits
  • Optimize infrastructure performance
  • Increase availability and reduce downtime
  • Reduce infrastructure management costs

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