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Revolutionary NOSQL™ Technology

Cumulus' proprietary NOSQL solution allows you to retain data at the lowest time granularity, providing constant time analysis (no roll up based analysis).

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Hitachi Systems, Ltd. Acquisition

Cumulus Systems Logo Hitachi Systems, Ltd.

Strengthens Platform and Virtualization Businesses for Data Centers and Cloud Services Platforms.

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About Cumulus Systems

Cumulus Systems, Inc. is located in Silicon Valley and its technology is rooted in 20+ years of experience providing analysis around enterprise storage and VMware systems. Learn More

"The MARS tool from Cumulus Systems, branded as RIAT by HDS, has enabled HDS to move quickly into the server virtualization reporting area. With Cumulus Systems we create outstanding performance and configuration assessment reports in the areas of server virtualization and 3rd-party storage such as converged reports which provide server-to-storage assessments. We now use MARS in pre-sales, post-sales, and professional services scenarios. MARS has become a valuable tool in the HDS toolbox and Cumulus Systems has been an outstanding partner to HDS, providing development, support, and strategy assistance."

Steve Hood
Director Software Tools Development
Hitachi Data System